Additional benefits of living at Stoney Creek

There's so many reasons our residents love Stoney Creek, and featured below are a few of their favorites!


Library & private meeting room

Whether it's meeting for book club, playing some board games, or finding a quiet place to talk - the library is the place to go.


Bible Class

We have several areas for devotion around the property, but this common area is where we host our larger Bible classes led by pastors in residence, or across the property where St. Paul's Lutheran Church resides.



No need to say goodbye to your garage at home, we'll have just about anything you need in the workshop! Conveniently located in the lower level of the building so you don't have to go outside, or hear the sound of table saws during a mid-day snooze.


beauty salon

You no longer have to leave your house to get your hair or nails done! Our salon is in-house, with a wonderful stylist on staff during the week.


Game room & Bar

It's not retirement if it isn't fun. That's why we have a room dedicated for pool, darts, card games, and to enjoy some cocktails - especially during our happy hours!


fitness center

In addition to the fun we have here, we like to keep our residents healthy, too. Our equipment is available 24/7, and we also have fitness instructors come in to lead classes.


Underground Parking

No more scraping windshields, or wiping off snow. Keep your car clean, warm, and secure in our parking garage. As for guests, there's plenty of guest parking around the building, so your family and friends can visit whenever they'd like!



Whether you love to grow flowers or your own produce, you'll have access to our resident garden to keep your green thumb busy!


Our 10-acre lot provides so much more than mere scenic views from your apartment! We have outdoor walkways, and plenty of picturesque areas to roam if you're feeling like taking a stroll. We have landscapers to keep our property looking immaculate so say goodbye to your lawn mowers and shovels- we'll take it from here.


  • Centrally-located mailboxes
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance

Other amenities not pictured include:

  • Planned activities & trips
  • Craft room
  • Large elevator
  • Storage lockers
If you want to find a nice, indpendent place of living - go to Stoney Creek.
— Helen | Resident for 23 years