We opened our doors, and our hearts, in 1994

The Beginning

Stoney Creek Adult Community originally started as a vision by a man named Arthur Thiede. He and select board directors of the non-profit organization, Lutherans Incorporated for Elderly (LIFE), spent years researching and developing a senior community that had the features you'd expect, and also those that were missing by other communities at the time. In fact, LIFE's sole purpose began back in 1988 to create the Stoney Creek community that exists today.


SToney Creek today

Decades later, Stoney Creek is still owned and operated by LIFE, which consists of a board directors who volunteer their time to look after the best interests of the residents, and their faith. LIFE's vision is to continually search for and provide various age-related activities programs and amenities that would support and enhance a Christian lifestyle, overseen by caring Christian staff. Their ultimate goal is to make all residents of Stoney Creel feel this is their home and community.

Since opening in 1994, we've had the pleasure of meeting many residents over the years, and building relationships - some which have been here from the very beginning.